Tech Business Ideas for Africans

Tech Business Ideas for Africans

Tech business ideas for Africans.

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One of the attributes of great and successful business personnel is knowing what his or her environment needs.

You wouldn’t want to be starting a business that people won’t patronize because it’s not solving any of their needs.

Studying your environment ranging from your community to your state, country, and then your continent will help you know the right business to start that will solve the problems of the people there and also bring you profit.

In this article, we will be listing and explaining some tech business ideas for Africa. Having an achievable idea is far better than building a pile of dreams that may not come to pass.

All the businesses listed are achievable and can be practice.

1. Website designing

Website is one of the most important tools used by all businesses and enterprises.
It’s an effective means of creating awareness and making your business brand known all over the world.
You have a company that knows how to build a well and perfect website is a great business idea.

Apart from been used by companies and enterprises, so many young people these days have built a great interest in owning a blog page for one reason or the other.

I will say website designing is a very awesome and achievable idea.

The profit that can be made with this business idea can’t be measured.

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2. Online teaching platform

Who can imagine that google classroom and zoom will be so much useful for academic purposes, if not for the covid 19 virus breakout which made it compulsory for all schools to lock their gates?

We had no choice but to find a way to continue the learning online.
They happen to be the best platform that can be used and I know you can’t imagine how much they will have earned during that period.

Even till now, the importance and the relevance of both app can’t be undermined.

Creating a technology that will enhance learning is a very good and achievable idea.

3. App creation

We are in an age where everyone is looking for easy ways to do things.
No one wants to go through the stress and rigor of searching things on Google to bring multiple results when they already know where they are going.

An app-creating business is also one of the best in Africa. How would a fashion designer feels if they knows that they can have an app that represents their business and anyone who checks the application will see the great works they have done before thereby advertising them more.

It’s a business worth investing in.

4. Blockchain

Anything called Blockchain literally means it deals with Cryptocurrency.

It can include formulation of a token, creation of crypto wallets, and so on.

Almost everyone is keeping their income in form of coins now. They believe so much in crypto than any other saving means because keeping your income in form of coins can also increase its value.

Having a company of business that deals in Blockchain are a very good idea at this time. Profitable Online Skills in Nigeria

5. Fintech

Fintech is just a short abbreviation for financial technology. It’s the way by which we use technology to enhance, automate financial services. It’s one of the most rapid-growing tech businesses because it helps so many organizations. It ranges from insurance to mobile banking, to cryptocurrency.

Creating a platform where bank customers can be able to access their funds so easily without visiting a bank is just what many people need right now.

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People having a programmed platform that updates them on the status of their cryptocurrency every now and then also the need of this age.

Provide that need and fill the space, you will be amazed at how rapidly your business will grow.

All the tech business ideas mentioned in this article are achievable ideas. With the right mindset, the right team, and the right audience, the sky is the beginning.


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