How To Fix Your Android Phone not Charging 2021

How to fix your Android phone not charging 2021

How to fix your Android phone not charging 2021

I hear say your phone nor dey charge, Hehe

You probably don't think much about the process of charging your phone; just plug in the cable and walk away---that is, until one day your phone won’t charge and you’re left scratching your head thinking "wait for a second, my phone isn’t charging?".


Trust us; you're not the only one encountering such a charging issue with Android smartphones. Solve your Android problem NOW!.

Examine the Charging Port

Years of using Android phones have taught us that it can be the charging ports that can prevent your phone from getting charged. If you're not using your Android phone case or if the case isn't inside, you can use the SIM ejector tool.

Try charging your phone after a thorough cleaning of what's going on; something might have stuck inside. To remove whatever has been stuck guarding the charging point, then it might get damaged unintentionally. The charging
port of the.

Check the charging port whether it has accumulated grime buildup. Use a microfiber cloth or a cotton swab to clean the port. If you can’t see the port properly, use a torchlight to discover phone can easily accumulate dust and dirt. And, it will hinder your charging experience. the charging port.

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Inspect the charging cable and adapter

If it's not the power outlet, then there are chances that you should have a look at your charging phone equipment. 

And, we are indicating the charging cable and adapter. Try the cable and adapter separately with another Android device. Additionally, try the duo collectively for another.

How to fix your Android phone not charging 2021

In case the cable or the adapter s initiating the issue, you can easily replace them. You might have extra charging equipment at your home; try charging your Android phone with those.

Switch to a different power source

Before you blame your Android device or its associated cable, you should be sure that what's wrong with the outlet. It can be a short-circuit, or the outlet must have been used to charge your phone.

An electrical outlet is working. Or else, you cannot charge any other device as well.

According to charging now, then the issue was with the outlet, not your phone. Call in an electrician to check experts of UAE Technicians.

Restart your Android phone

The charging issue might arise from your phone itself. If you have found that there is no reboot of the Android device. A simple reboot is proven to rule out all the sudden external factors anymore, you have to focus on your phone. And, the quickest solution is to phones.

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How can a restart help your phone? When you restart your phone, it stops all the
background applications. In addition, it refreshes the core components of your phone. Just hold the Power button and go for the Restart option.

Once your Android phone restarts put it into charging and check if it starts charging.

Revert the Android Software Version

In the absence of mechanical suspects, it might be your phone's software, and due to which your phone will be better to roll back Android software updates. After that, your phone will restart.

Check if cost, then try to remember if you have updated the Android software recently.

There's only one solution to this problem. You have to roll back the software update. Or, check the operating system might be making it difficult for any other security update that has arrived in the update notification. Maybe, your phone has received a solution or a patch to fix the bug. If you can’t find anything such as a security patch, it phone refuses to get charged. If you have an older Android device and it's not charging, you are now capable of charging the phone.

Fix the Battery

This will let you know if the battery is the culprit or anything else. Use a working cable and plug Then, restart your phone. If the battery icon resembles a red light, then the battery was completely in your phone to charge. If your phone is switched off and the battery icon shows up on display, discharged.

Additionally, you might notice the red light flashing if the battery isn't strong enough to power on the phone. In this case, you should consider the battery to be charged for at least 30 to 45 minutes before you turn on the device. If the display doesn't show a battery icon, then the issue can be with the display.

Enable Safe Mode

If your Android phone isn’t charging even after all these attempts, then this might help
you. Safe

importantly, you should uninstall those applications that you have installed recently. If you can't Once you've done so, you have to get rid of problematic third-party applications. Most can discard all third-party applications.

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How to fix your Android phone not charging 2021

Hold the power button for a while. After acknowledging the prompt, your Android phone is supposed to be restarting

As soon as you can view a prompted screen, you need to hold down the Power button.

Don't worry; you can easily escape the Safe mode by restarting your Android phone.

Software Bug

Even if you enable the safe mode on your Android phone and eliminate all those skeptical.

A software bug might identify your phone as charging when it’s not. If you're facing such an application from your phone, the chances are that bugs might still bother you. And, they can be a valid application that has no risks associated with your Android phone.

After, you're satisfied with the issue on your phone, check if your Android device has got any bug inside any software.

There is countless software available online that can detect whether your phone has bugs or not.

Go for powerful enough that they can restrict the normal charging capacity of your Android
phone. with the results, you can inspect whether your device starts charging again or not. 
Time to seek an expert intervention

IF you have found none of the above-mentioned methods to be working for your you should call in an expert. Or, you should head towards a service center. If your Android device has suffered from water damage, then you should see an expert immediately.

Hopefully, that will definitely work.


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