Kindred 2020 REVIEW - DOWNLOAD | Horror

Kindred 2020 REVIEW - DOWNLOAD | Horror
Kindred 2020 Review | Download

Kindred 2020 REVIEW - DOWNLOAD

Kindred 2020 REVIEW - DOWNLOAD

Director: Joe Marcantonio

Genre(s): Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Horror

Rating: NR

Runtime: 101 min

PLOT: A pregnant woman is plagued by strange hallucinations. She suspects that the family of her deceased boyfriend has sinister intentions for her unborn child.

While the basic story of “Kindred” may be familiar to many readers, the way that Butler tells it is quite different. The protagonist is a young woman who has chosen to go back in time with her husband to help him complete his research on slavery. The premise is fairly simple, but the style is anything but simple. As one reviewer said lol

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"Kindredis released nationwide on 25th June 2021. "VOD" release date of November 6, 2020

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She tells her story through flashbacks and diary entries.

As a child, the main character of the novel is plagued by ghostly visions of children who tell her that her father will be killed. She soon begins to piece together events from his life that led to his death.

What remains in Kindred is still strong and powerful. The three central performances are exceptional.

It’s through this mounting uncertainty that the filmmaker finds the space needed to inject subtext concerning mental health and classism.


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