Who is The owner of Garena Free Fire? - Is it worth playing?


Who is The owner of Garena Free Fire? - Is it worth playing?

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  • Who is the owner of Garena Free Fire
  • How to Play Free Fire & DOWNLOAD
  • Is it, Worth Playing



ABOUT: Forrest Li Xiaodong is a Chinese-born Singaporean billionaire businessman and the founder of Garena and Shopee.

He is Born in Tianjin, China. he shifted to Singapore and he is currently a resident of Singapore only.

Around March 2019, after the offer cost of his buyer web organization Sea Ltd expanded by 45%, Li's total assets grow to more than $1 billion.

The company owns gaming service Garena and e-commerce site Shopee, both of which are expected to see a spike in earnings in the coming year, Bloomberg said. It also counts Chinese giant Tencent as a shareholder.

Free Fire is the world’s third most downloaded game, with more than 1 Billion registered users. Free Fire was developed by 111dots Studio and was published by Garena. 111dots Studio is a Vietnamese game developer.

Li met his wife at Stanford and attended her graduation ceremony in 2005. It was said that his wife was given a six-year scholarship with the local company Temasek Holdings Located in Singapore.

The two dated in the US, and when Li’s wife left for Singapore to satisfy her agreement, his dad encouraged him to follow her there, so as not to let the relationship end.

It worked out fine, his wife was also a part of his success "GOING TO SINGAPORE TO SATISFY HER AGREEMENT"

How to Play Free Fire & DOWNLOAD

After reading so many articles and watching a lot of youtube videos, I got to know that the main way to become a pro is by playing constantly. But still, they're things/tricks you should know while playing free fire.


Free Fire currently has 40 players which might be hard to choose for you to game with.

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In This article, I'd recommend 3 Players you can use while playing a Ranked Game.

Dj Alok

All these characters have their specialties,


Who is The owner of Garena Free Fire? - Is it worth playing?

Drop the Beat

Create a 5m aura that increases moving and sprinting speed and restores HP. The effect cannot be stacked.


Creates a force field that blocks damages from enemies. One can fire from inside the force field. Within the force field, you can increase movement speed during activation.


Who is The owner of Garena Free Fire? - Is it worth playing?

Unleash a sonic wave forward that damages Gloo Walls. Also, each Gloo Wall deployed will result in HP recovery. Recovery effects do not stack.

You can check on this article to get full details on the player to go with Either Cs Ranked or Classic Ranked

DJ Alok vs Chrono : Who is Better?

DJ Alok vs Chrono: Who is Better?

2.) Know Where To Drop-in Free Fire

Who is The owner of Garena Free Fire? - Is it worth playing?

This is always a problem at the beginning of the game, before getting down from the plane, know where to drop as this is very important for your booyah.

it is advisable to land in a quiet place like Hangar, Capetown, Clock Tower(Haha) for your safety.


Do not attack other players right after you land from the plane. If you get attacked, do not fight back. Your goal should be to stay away from other players as long as possible and let them kill each other (CAMP).

They are about staying alive as long as possible and preparing for the “real” battle at the end game. Find somewhere to hide, staying alive is the goal. it is possible for you to win the game with your skill and character... Be among the Top Three.

4.) Always be at alert

Who is The owner of Garena Free Fire? - Is it worth playing?

Another key to winning is by staying alert, whether in a team or not. The only Mistakes new players/noobs make are hiding and staying away from a fight which is not supposed to be so.

To be the best you need to make use of the Training mode and play in a low competitive mode. at first, you'd struggle, get knocked down but the key is consistency and you might be the best.

No success can be achieved in any multi-player game without regular practice in the right direction.


As we all know, online games are more addictive than offline games. Free Fire is a popular Mobile Game with millions of active players all over the world. what makes the game more fun is that they keep updating the game every time (GARENA).

They push updates that will make you want to use your monthly salary to purchase kinds of stuff like Weekly & Monthly Pass, Elite Pass, Room cards - For the custom matches, Weekly Events, New Characters & New pets, so many things like that

FREE FIRE is a Game for all

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