How To Share Android VPN Connection Over Hotspot (NO ROOT)

How To Share Android VPN Connection Over Hotspot (NO ROOT)

How To Share Android VPN Connection Over Hotspot (NO ROOT)

Although Sharing a VPN connection with another device has not been kind with non-rooted Android phones. Most Android gadgets out there are not established. Without root access, you are restricted on things you can do with your Android telephone grap that assertion.

Yet, these days where Rooting of Android telephones is the discussion of the past, sharing VPN association over WiFi area of interest without root access is very hard and baffling.

IN this post, We will teach you how to share your VPN connection with other phones and PC’s without rooting your Android phone.

All these will be conceivable with the assistance of a VPN Tethering the application called Every Proxy. This application doesn't need root access, and valuable on the off chance that you have a VPN association on your Android gadget that you might want to impart to another Android gadget or your PC.

How To Share VPN Connection Via Hotspot To Other Devices Without Root

1. Make sure your Android phone is connected with your favorite VPN (it can be for cheat or normal data)
2. You'd have to do is Download Every Proxy Here.
3. After installing the app, launch it and toggle on HTTP HTTPS as shown Below

4. A proxy host and port will be generated for you to use across the the device you want to share your VPN connection with.


simply go to the WiFi settings and tap on the WiFi connection that you are connected to. Then, at that point click on Advance or Modify as it shows up on your phone. At last, tap on Proxy and change it to Manual. From that point onward, add the IP and Port was given to you by Every Proxy.


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Search for Proxy in your Windows search bar and fill the boxes with the IP and Port given to you by Every Proxy. What's more, ensure you set custom DNS on your PC. Kindly use YouTube as the means to set up DNS on PC.

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